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LocateUnderground :: Pipe & Cable Locators :: RYCOM 8879 Multi-Frequency Locator

RYCOM 8879 Multi-Frequency Locator  
RYCOM 8879 Multi-Frequency Locator
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Built on a proven design, and with Pathfinder SAF Technology™ at its core, the 8879v3 offers RYCOM’s most advanced signal acquisition and filtering technology. The 8879v3 cable & pipe locator offers utility locators FrequencyFlex™ allowing users to adapt the system to their specific needs. Multiple active frequencies allow the user to accurately locate with a minimum of interference while maintaining the ability to continue locating past faults and around conduit bends. Passive frequencies identify "live" and charged lines by their naturally occurring electromagnetic fields. The 8879v3 offers multiple passive frequencies -- 50Hz, 60Hz, Radio Frequency, Cathodic Protection Rectifier & CATV -- allowing line locating without the use of a transmitter.

Updated transmitter functions include improved transmitter induction, multi-frequency coupled induction ranging from 8 kHz to 118 kHz, and automatic impedance matching for direct connections. The 5 watt (or 10 watt) transmitter has the ability to simultaneously apply any two frequencies to a utility. From one transmitter setting, the user can locate the main line as well as other services by "lighting up" the entire site. This set-and-forget feature saves you time and money by reducing the need to repeatedly relocate the transmitter. All functions are accessed via weather-proof membrane buttons and both user input and transmitter status are verified with audible responses. The ergonomically designed and balanced 8879v3 receiver provides instant direction, push-button depth (up to 25 feet) and current measurement to help identify target utilities in crowded easements. In addition to directional indicators, Proximity cues to the tracing signal are given to the user through either peak or null tone modes while the backlit digital display provides both relative and actual signal strength.

The 8879v3 can quickly and simply locate line faults when used with the optional "A-frame" GRP (ground return probe). As the operator moves towards the fault the receiver will respond with rapidly peaking signal. When the "A-frame" is placed directly over the fault, the receiver will provide a null response.

Conduit pinches can be located using any of our optional Sondes. Operating on active frequencies of 512Hz, 640Hz, 815 Hz, 8 kHz or 33kHz Rycom Instruments® Sondes are pushed into non-pressurized conduits and pipes until they reach the point of pinch or blockage. Traceable 25 feet in the air and 10 feet in cast iron, the 8879v3 receiver will identify the precise location of the line blockage.
Made in the U.S.A.  2 Year Factory Warranty. Warranty extension available upon product registration.
You'll love locating with the 8879.
I do.
$20.00 shipping to the lower 48 added to each unit ordered. HI, PR and Alaska extra.

SKU SKU16156

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December, 2014

Leakage Consultants announced that it has reached a distribution agreement with Sewerin, a World Leader for water leak detection instruments.

All Sewerin instruments feature Dynamic Hearing Protection, Advanced Digital Filtering and Minimum Noise Level making theirs the most advanced leak detection product family on the market.

For more information, send us an e-mail or download a brochure.

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