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Probe, Plunger, Needle or POGO Bars!

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Terms & Conditions  
Terms and Conditions:

This site is managed by Leakage Consultants, Gallatin, TN. We reserve all rights to add or change the Terms and Conditions as deemed appropriate. As of January 1, 2013 you agree to the following Ts & Cs when you place an order:

Order Acceptance.

We reserve the right to accept or reject any order placed on this site, regardless of any order confirmation generated by the system. NOTE: Purchase Orders are only accepted from State, Federal and Local Utilities. As such, we will attempt to call and verify every P.O. received, referencing the Order Confirmation number generated from Please make certain your contact information is correct. All invoices must be paid before shipment occurs.

Legal Age.
You must be at least eighteen years old to use this site. It's okay to fiddle around, but don't mess with anything if you're not legal. You shouldn't be inside on the computer anyway. Get your fat ass outside and play ball. Chase cars.

Purchase Orders.
ALL ORDERS, INCLUDING, NON-GOVERNMENT, FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, STATE GOVERNMENT and ENERGY SECTOR ORDERS REQUIRE PRE-PAYMENT BEFORE SHIPPING. We accept purchase orders from Local Water & Sewer Utilities and Public Works departments in the Nashville, TN area, with the Payment Terms of Net 10 Days from receipt of your invoice. Invoices are typically sent via e-Mail as a PDF file. A late payment fee of 2.5% may be applied to any late invoice.

If we know you, we may make an exception, if required, unless you're kin. Which means you probably owe me money already. All other orders require payment before shipping.

Shipping and International Sales. FORGET ABOUT IT! We do not intentionally sale and ship to any non-USA location, and we do not ship to locations outside the continental U.S.A. and Canada, including HI, PR and AK without adding additional shipping charges. Shipping is too expensive, and there's no telling the damage done if a terrorist cell got their hands on a Big Momma's Probe Bar. Shoot!

Some items may be invoiced by the manufacturer, or direct distributor, and not by Leakage Consultants.

Credit Cards.
We utilize the card processing services of PayPal, an E-Bay Company. We prefer PayPal, which is integrated in our check out routine, because of its advanced security and anti-fraud features. However, sometimes PayPal security will not allow corporate cards. In that case, we will issue an invoice with payment due before shipment.


Your card information is not stored on our site. When paying with a credit card, please always make certain that the browser address bar shows https:// …. This means you are at a secure site for card processing, and have not been tricked onto another site, where some jackleg is trying to steal your numbers.

No one from Leakage Consultants, LocateUnderground or any of our associated companies, will ever contact you about your credit card information, or ask you to send it again, or request any financial information, other order confirmation information.

We operate a combination of a virtual store and an on-site warehouse. Most items are dropped shipped from their respective manufacturers. As such, any returns due to damage in shipment, should be returned directly to the manufacturer who was responsible for the shipment.

The responsibility for any warranty repair is that of the manufacturer. We do not provide any warranty service except for those items we directly manufacture.

All sales are final.
Please check your order. We do not normally provide refunds. Our only responsibility is the exchange of an item in the event of a mistake in shipping the incorrect item, or quantity. 

Sales Taxes.
Even though we may not collect your State Sales Tax on all purchases, your State may require you to report and pay a "use" tax. As such, every State Revenue Department is encouraging the enactment of some type of general Internet Sales tax, but have been unsuccessful to date. As an Internet Retailer, we are always subject to a State Sales Tax Audit. We are required to report every sale, and it is quite possible that you may receive a tax payment notice from your State's revenue department for a "Use" Tax, and it is your responsibility to pay it, if due.


Any personal information you may have entered when registering is not shared with anyone outside of the ordering department ( We make a living here, and will not do something to screw it up!

Your credit card information is not stored on our site, nor is it available to anyone accessing our site, or to any employee of the site.

Have a Great Day!

Bud Reed 

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