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Probe, Plunger, Needle or POGO Bars!

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Striking Head  
Striking Head 
Feeling Depessed? Wife's yelling all the time? Bill collector's calling? You smell "Layoff"? Need a drink but quit in '92?
Well, my friend, if you have reached that "POINT" in your life where you really need to just pound the s..., uhhhh, CRAP out of something, THEN this is the product made for you!
The Striking Head Probe is designed to break through all of life's little ill's (PLUS, tightly packed or frozen soils. It is often used to make a contact to a valve or pipeline in order to attach an accelerometer for Pig Locating.) 
Use it at work, or at home. I have a customer who uses it to make holes around his trees and bushes for watering and feeding. (He really feels much better just from the pounding he gave it. I don't ask why.)

We offer only the Heavy Duty 1/2" round shaft models with the sharp, pointed tip. Sorry, but if you need the blunt tip, you'll have to order the 6 pack. FYI: We sell a bunch of these every year, and 90% of the orders are for the 60" model.

Improved 2" wide hex head is integrated with an 11" wide handle. The hex head is designed for striking with a maul (big ass hammer). Adding 3 lbs. to the overall probe weight, the hex head has been lengthened and counter bored to ensure durability and longevity, especially between the head and rod transition point.
So, bottom line, this bar can take heavy punishment, is good for "what ails you" and probably is not for you "girlie-types".
CAUTION: Go ahead and buy one more, 'cause that guy at work will want one, too! Face it. It just feels good to have one of these in your truck.
Made in the USA.

SKU SKU16146
Weight 8.00 lbs

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