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Big Blue Angel Fin Plunger Bar  
Big Blue Angel Fin Plunger Bar
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Big Blue
The Worst 15 Seconds, EVER!
Summer, 2008.
Okay, the truth is ... I didn't like this bar at first! Fresh off of the factory floor, the rod was a little stuck in the handle (new paint). I held the bar up in the air with one hand, shook and smacked it with my 2lb hammer, to get the bar moving. The rod released and stabbed me in the ankle. Instinctively, I let go of the hammer, and it hit me on the edge of my glasses, the rod fell over and, as I grabbed it, the handle pinched me between the thumb and first finger. Now, I'm really upset, and I sort of "threw it", but it hit the side of my van and slid down and hit the passenger-side mirror, and broke the glass. Not to mention scratching the door. Crap!
It took me a minute, or so, to realize that, in the span of a few seconds, I just had my ass kicked by this big blue bar; And I needed a band aid, an aspirin, an ice pack, and maybe, stiches. The Tetnus shot was optional. The replacement mirror cost me $200.00, out-of-pocket. Duct tape wasn't required. There's a deep scratch on my door, a hole in my Red Wings, and now my boot leaks. CRAP, CRAP!
I'm just lucky that no one else was there to catch this on camera, and post to the Face Tube.
But, "Time (and money) heals all wounds", and you people seem to love it, and now I do, too, as a couple of hundred have been sold. But I'm probably not using it again, especially without any formal training.
The integrated sliding hammer makes driving this probe into the hardest ground easy. More effective than striking a probe with a maul.
The sliding head has been specifically designed to minimize the number of pinch points, reducing the risk of injuries during normal operation (see above).
Comfortable 16" handles are made from 1" diameter steel tubing allowing ample room for the hands. The dual handles (spread 7 1/2" apart) provide greater control and improved ergonomics.
All internal pieces of the head assembly are manufactured from high strength impact resistant tool steel. This steel is designed for minimal distortion, ensuring a long lasting probe. The tips are heat treated alloy steel and create a small clearance hole for the 1/2" shafts. The Hammer is powder coated a bright blue for high visibility and a long lasting finish.
•18" stroke
•28" overall length (extended)
•13 lbs. total weight
•16" long handles on each side for easy lifting, control, and safety
•High strength impact resistant tool steel for a long life
•Specially designed head minimizes pinch points
•Available with either a Standard (Sharp Pointed) or Ball Nose Tip.
•1/2" high quality steel alloy resists bending and bowing
•Head and shaft are threaded to ensure a secure connection and ease of replacement
•Special alloy steel
•Heat treated for longer life
•Tapered edges make penetration and withdrawal easier
•Provides clearance for the 1/2" steel shaft
•Threaded for easy replacement
The Angel Fin Sliding Hammer Probe DOES NOT provide protection from electrical shocks, AND, when using this product remember that the best substitute for brains is "good judgement and common sense".  If you feel confident that you have neither, then have a friend operate it for you, 'cause you're an idiot, Or British, and "know nothing about operating no machinery". 

You Have Been Warned!

Bud Reed
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