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Probe, Plunger, Needle or POGO Bars!

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About Us  

It's now 2016, and a new PARADIGM has begun at Leakage Consultants!

My name is Bud Reed, and I have been providing systems and services to the utility and energy industries since 1964, and selling on-line since 1999. The paradigm shift means that more and more of my activities relate to on-line sales and marketing. And for some of you, it's difficult to get a handle on not seeing my pretty face regularly, and doing business via the internet.

In addition, I have begun a new water loss strategy that recommends a longer term solution involving the "Resident Technician" model, such as a week on-site, every month, performing leak detection; Instead of the old, stale approach of doing it as quickly as possible, and over loading the utility with a list of leak repairs, which may never get done. You say your utility will repair all leaks within the stated time-frame; I say Bull Shit. Most forget about leak detection and repair about 43 minutes after the survey is completed because other duties arose, and call me six months later to re-pinpoint the leak. Oh, and not wanting to pay for the extra trip.

The monthly Resident Technician program works so much BETTER. was launched in the Summer of 2005, with a small product line consisting of a few soil probes and plunger bars. Over the years, products have been added- and deleted - to address the needs of the Utility and Energy industries, including the Stormwater and Groundwater communities' and their requirement for monitoring and sampling systems. The company can also address most requirements for any custom monitoring systems, or sampling configurations, and systems for District Measurements as part of a Water Loss Recovery program.

From leak detection (water), to Pipe Locating (everybody), when it comes to selecting the right tool for the job, you can probably find it on Unlike my competitors, I actually use most of this stuff in my field services ( Leakage Consultants ) business, which means you can trust that what you're buying will perform as stated. (It also means I have done everything wrong at least once. Some, of which, still hurts!) provides a source for tools that you may not have known actually existed, so make certain you receive industry information and new product announcements by joining our newsletter e-mail list. You can easily join by clicking HERE, or sending the word "LEAK" via text messaging to 22828. is highly automated. Please place your order on the site. Calling me to place an order may not be the best method, as I always forget to carry a pen and paper around now that I'm very semi-retired. That's what is all about.

However, if you really need to talk, then, by all means, call.

All orders are processed daily, and are shipped as quickly as possible. Obviously, some orders take longer than others, such as the SEWERIN line of leak detectors and locators, and some of the environmental monitoring systems.

Hold it in the road, and .....


Thanks for listening.



Bud Reed

695 Nashville Pike
No. 310
Gallatin, TN 37066
Ph: (615) 989.1576
Fax: (615) 989-1574
Cell: (615) 916-1947

Planet: Earth

Contact Person: Bud Reed

Tools & Systems for the Utility and Energy Industries.


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